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Revenue Creative is an organization with creative thinkers for practical solutions. As independent marketing specialists we support organizations in the implementation of their digital marketing strategy. How? By always focusing on your organization and your situation. Every day we get the most out of your marketing budget and we build a solid foundation for organizations that want to grow and work on their transformation to the online world.

The result: your marketing investment becomes measurable and accountable and contributes directly to your entrepreneurial goal!

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For the realisation of an effective B2B marketing strategy, I was looking for a partner with a special focus on several marketing elements. I met Mark from Revenue Creative and his team could realise almost everything I was looking for for AP Support: from website optimalisation and development of buyer journeys to generating leads. Mark is a friendly sparring partner with a lot of knowledge!

Sophie Moet, Adviseur Marketing en Communicatie AP Support

Revenue Creative developed a successful B2B marketing strategy for Eurofactor Netherlands.
They have an extensive knowledge of inbound and content marketing and lead generation. They defined buyer profiles for Eurofactor, designed a new website and implemented new marketing automation software including blogs, central content offer (white paper), a call-to-action and a Thank You page. The next step is that we start with lead management and Revenue Creative will develop a nurturing campaign.

Thomas van der Doelen, Salesmanager Eurofactor Nederland

Mark and his team at Revenue Creative exceeded our expectations. Their philosophy and their online approach generated 800 Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) within 6 months. Now their team helps us with target setting and budgetting, the development of digital tools, support in SEO and Content optimilisation, managing our Social Media chanels and monitoring and adjusting running campaigns. They integrate and immerse themselves into our organisation and our work methods which leads to a optimal colaboration. It feels like working with direct colleagues instead of an external agency with a different DNA. This helps our own marketing team to grow as well!

Marlies Vringer, marketing manager Fleet Complete

Our Philosophy

Is your marketing profitable? Marketing can be as good as the weakest link in the chain. The marketing of your company should be a coherent approach of your different marketing activities. For example, what if ads in Google generate a lot of traffic, but the visitors do not end up on the correct website page? What if call-to-action buttons are missing from your website? Is the content you create is valuable enough for your customer? What if you generate a lead, but you make the personal call too early? Or if you do not effectively edit this lead from a marketing lead into a sales qualified lead? The online route must be taken carefully and the marketing activities should reinforce each other.

Marketing has become more complex. All activities should match and be coordinated closely. Therefore it is important to work with an agency that looks at the entire marketing picture.

Meet Revenue Creative, a young innovative marketing agency based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands!



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